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Our LIS, Progeny, is based on the entire workflow process --from the time the sample is taken, to the time the report is generated, to the time the management report is produced. We analyze the process, determine the optimal solution, and implement processes that are simple and straightforward to use.

An LIS should be like a shovel. It should be simple, easy to use, and get the job done each and every time. All of our screens look and feel the same. Pending work is presented to the user in a form that cannot be mistaken. We ask the Progeny user to basically work in one screen all day long. The easier the system, the less chance for a mistake, misuse, or no use at all.

The best LIS vendors are constantly adding functionality to their systems. This is a good thing. The best implementations integrate new functionality in a seamless manner. Anyone can add another screen, but Progeny utilizes an architecture that allows for new functionality without the added complexity of additional screens.

PathView Systems is a pathology centric vendor. We do not sell radiology systems or EMRs or other systems. We are focused on Anatomic Pathology, Cytology and everything related to those disciplines. We believe we provide the best solutions because we are focused on very specific aspects of the healthcare puzzle.

Simplicity is the ultimate Sophistication – Leonardo daVinci

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