Why Choose PathView

So, why should you buy your next LIS from PathView?

In a word,



You can trust that we will provide you with the functionality that you will need both, TODAY and TOMORROW.

…and, that we will work with you each and every day to solve your IT and LIS issues.

Unlike many other vendors, we do not disappear the day your system goes live.


To illustrate our point and capabilities, consider these 3 clients:


Large, Multi-Site, Expanding Organization

This client either owns or manages 9 hospitals and over 40 health centers.  They are both an academic and a multi-specialty organization.   Initially, the Progeny APLIS was installed at 2 hospitals with separate ordering and performing facilities.   Over the last few years, several more frozen and/or ‘gross only’ facilities have been added and volumes have risen dramatically.   Each site was added with simple configuration changes and no server upgrades.  The business plan continues to shift and currently cases are automatically distributed to pathologists spread throughout their regional system based upon case type, workload, and several other factors.   Special stains and IHCs are routed as well and management can view current workload across one or all facilities with a click of a mouse.   All specimen, blocks, and slides are  bar coded and tracked inside of Progeny and any system user can view QA and tracking points simply and succinctly within inquiry.  Voice entry is utilized for all final diagnoses and all paperwork, both original requisitions and send out reports, are scanned into the APLIS.  For sheer volume and case complexity this client represents the flexibility, efficiency, and cost savings that Progeny brings to the laboratory, whether one or many….


Private Laboratory, Wide Test Mix, Limited Resources

This client represents a different facet of the Progeny implementation.   This organization employs 3 pathologists, 2 embedding stations, and 3 cutting stations.  Local hardware support is provided by a single individual.  There is no dedicated system administrator, and system configuration is provided by a staff histotechnologist.   Pathview and the Progeny APLIS were selected because of our reputation of being responsive and because of our willingness to tailor both our product and our support model to the customer’s needs.  Results are sent out via multiple EMR interfaces and can be interfaced, printed, faxed, or all of the above.  However, a year after Progeny first use, the request for Fax on Demand was discussed.  This feature was added a few months later at no additional cost to the client.    As time progressed, so did the implementation of molecular testing.  PathView added rule based reflex testing and several other enhancements to the Progeny APLIS, again, with no further cost to the client.


Large HMO, hospital, outreach clinics

The APLIS demonstration lasted 2 days.  During this time, we had formal meetings with both the AP and Cytology department staff in addition to several meetings with IT security and other departments.    For the last several hours of our ‘demonstration’, ANY staff member could walk in ask questions or ask for a demonstration of product functionality.  After an initial search list of 20+ vendors, PathView and the Progeny APLIS were selected.  As the years have progressed we continue to witness how seriously IT focused this organization is.  For instance, an EPIC EMR was implemented and interfaced before few other people had even heard of the EMR’s existence.   Fast forward several years later, and PathView has implemented Active Directory single user login and now supports Microsoft’s Application Virtualization layer in this environment.